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Our mission is to make technology accessible to all. That’s why we’re happy to share revenue and support like-minded partners.

Enable customer success by identifying the right workflow to address the unique needs of each business.

Deliver next-gen technology, unified customer experience and outstanding business scoping, implementation, sales and support services.

WHAT you get



Empower your admins, sales reps, and technical specialists to excel across Trakkia's supply chain workflows:

  1. Extensive on-site and online training programs and certifications.
  2. Self-service tutorials and webinars
  3. In-depth technical documentation


Decrease the time it takes to convert prospects to customers:

  1. Dedicated Partner presales and product support teams
  2. Early access to new products and feature releases
  3. Demo accounts to showcase your implementation expertise


Networking is an integral part of professional success:

  1. Engage with Trakkia'S product managers and leadership as well as other Partners.
  2. Engage with customers through exclusive meetups and co-sponsored events
  3. Stay up-to-date on everything with Trakkia Partner Connect newletter and other communication channels


Build a consistent revenue stream:

  1. Build your sales funnel as well as get leads from Trakkia.
  2. Earn lucrative commissions on every successful sale closure.
  3. Bill your expertise as consultancy

About Us

Trakkia offers technology for supply chain optimisation. 

A powerful combination of legacy supply chain workflows, ArtificiaI Intelligence and Internet-of-Things, Trakkia enables users to digitise their supply chain operations, track items at serial level and optimise inventory and assets pools. Trakkia enables supply chain professionals to reduce manual compliance in transaction/existence recording and improves operational visibility leading to higher serviceability and utilization/turnover rates as well as reduced loss/shrinkage.

Incorporated as Trakkia Technologies Private Limited

Located at 6th Floor, MM Tower, Udyog Vihar IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 INDIA

Reach out to us by writing in at

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